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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


About Me

My background and training have prepared me to work with a diversity of clients with warmth, skill, creativity and flexibility. The client’s needs and goals lead the work we do together – that is a core principle of my practice. You do not need to share my beliefs, or any particular set of beliefs, for us to work effectively together.

I have worked for decades in mainstream health care delivery and research while also offering alternative and spiritual healing methods. I am skilled at integrating all forms of healing and helping people feel empowered as they navigate the health care system.

Dreams opened the door to spiritual experience and practice for me. Dreams help us live day to day and find life direction and purpose. Attending to dreams, both my own and the client’s, strengthens the coaching, healing and mentoring process.

Trees and other beings in nature are my wisest teachers. They show us how everything is connected. The natural world is a source of grounding, strength, peace and joy for me. In my work with individuals and groups, I help people experience and interact with nature in new ways. I am an experienced group leader and facilitator.

I honor each person’s ancestral experiences and traditions. My ancestry is northern European. Traveling and doing sacred ceremony on the land in Ireland has transformed my life. I incorporate ancient Irish ways into my healing and teaching.

Listening to others’ stories and telling our own are essential parts of healing ourselves and the world. I have written and spoken poetry and stories as long as I can remember.

The connections between personal healing and racial, social, economic and environmental justice are important areas of study and action for me. I have dedicated my life to healing at all levels – individual, family, society, the community of all beings, the Earth.