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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


Background and Training

Western Medicine: I was born into the world of medicine. My grandfather and three of his four sons were doctors. My background includes:
  • A wide range of roles over four decades (nursing, health education and coaching, training, quality improvement, research, writing)
  • Activism inside and outside of health care systems to empower patients and increase awareness of environmental, social and economic forces that affect health
  • A Master of Public Health degree from the University of Washington
Coaching: My training includes advanced work with collaborative coaching methods (Intrinsic CoachingĀ®, Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Activation). As a wellness coach, I help people live the lives they want to live while managing chronic conditions like depression, chronic pain, diabetes, HIV and heart disease.

Earth-Based Spiritual Traditions provide the foundation for my practice. My training and experience includes:

  • Many years of practice in European pagan traditions
  • Eleven years of group training and individual apprenticeship in shamanism with Valerie Wolf, a gifted shamanic healer and dreamer
  • Study of Celtic shamanism with Tom Cowan in the US and with John Cantwell and Karen Ward of Sli an Chroi in Ireland
  • Intensive work with Deena Metzger and Mandaza Kandemwa
Energy Healing: My practice began over 30 years ago with study of Therapeutic Touch (with Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz), Reiki and Healing Touch.

Systemic Family Constellations: My training includes:

  • Three years in Lisa Iversen‘s Family Matters program
  • Workshops with others, including Francesca Mason Boring
  • A series of workshops with Lisa Iversen and Kate Regan, “An Embodied Conversation with the Internalized Colonizer”
  • Participation in the BOB + BART Leadership Intensive, led by Lisa Iversen and Kate Regan
Writing: I have worked with a variety of teachers, most recently Sonya Lea.