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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


Spring.  Green shoots thrust through bare ground, seeking heat and light.  The force of winter wanes.  New life bursts forth, irrepressible.  Sensual colors and scents dance in all directions, seducing bees and other pollinators.

Aries, cardinal fire, sign of passion.  Everything in the world seems to be in love.  A good time to fall in love with your life.  Maybe you broke up with some part of your life in the depths of winter, as I did, quite literally.  Now you’re ready for something new, something hot, rich, fertile.  Something that draws you like a bee to nectar.

What is passion?  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “strong and barely controllable emotion…an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.”

Who, and what, do you feel passionate about?  If these people/activities/things are in your life now, how can you spend more time with them, deepen your relationship?  If not, how can you draw them to you?  What colors can you wear, what scents can you emit, literally or figuratively?

It’s helpful to write a goal, define an action step toward that goal, take the step.  But these are empty exercises unless we really want what we are seeking.  Passion requires ardor and vulnerability.

You may find yourself asking, “But what if I can’t get what I want?  What if I can’t make any money doing what I love to do?”  These concerns are common and understandable.  Please also ask, “What is the cost to my body, mind, heart and soul if I live a life without passion?”  Turn toward your fears, engage them, learn from them.  Go at your own pace; be gentle with yourself.  And let your emerging passion lead you.

If you want guidance to identify and embrace your passions, consider having a “Heart to Heart Talk with Spirit” through shamanic dreaming and journeying.  I am offering classes and workshops in April and May.  To find out more, click here.

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