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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach

Six-Month Sabbatical to Honor the Great Song

 “South is the locus of inspiration, creativity, and the unbridled passion of the poet’s heart.  The South is where the human soul falls in love with the music of life.  From the melodies and harmonious strains associated with literal music to the invisible ‘music’ spinning within cells, molecules, and electrons, the powers of the South speak of the Great Music, the Great Song, at the heart of all Creation.”

 – Frank MacEowen, The Celtic Way of Seeing: Meditations on the Irish Spirit Wheel

 At Summer Solstice the power of the direction South is at its zenith.  The Great Song (Óran Mór in Irish, the sound/music/energy that is the source of all life) comes through me strongly in the form of writing.  Over the past six months, while recovering from an ankle fracture, I have fallen back in love with writing.  To honor this long-term relationship, now rekindled, I have decided to take a six-month sabbatical from my healing and coaching practice.

After the end of June, I will not lead my monthly dream circles until the winter. I will continue to have individual sessions with clients through July 19.  I will resume working with clients in mid-January.  Please feel free to contact me during the next couple of weeks if you have any questions and/or concerns.

I do not take this step lightly.  I love and learn from the work I do with individuals and groups.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be present with all of you with whom I have worked over the past eight years.  I believe that taking this break will enable me to come back to the work with renewed clarity, energy, skill and creativity.

As many of you know, in addition to studying shamanism over the past 12 years, I have been learning about Celtic traditions and Systemic Family Constellations: connecting with my own ancestry and practicing new ways of allowing ancestral wounds and strengths to be made visible for the purpose of healing.  In my work at Group Health Research Institute, I have honed my skills in coaching, facilitating behavior change, and helping people manage ongoing conditions like depression and chronic physical illness.  I am already in the process of weaving these threads together.  I think the sabbatical will allow room for that process to unfold, for the weaving to grow stronger and more beautiful.

I know I will return to my practice.  I don’t know exactly what forms it will take and what I will offer.  From where I sit now I believe the underlying purpose will be to enable and strengthen grounded, embodied connection with our ancestors, spirit helpers, other human beings and creatures, and the Earth.  We’ll see what emerges in the next six months.

I wish you all a blessed Solstice.  I encourage you to take time, preferably in nature in this beautiful sunny weather we are having here, to listen to the ways the Great Song is vibrating in your body, heart and soul.  What form of beauty is it calling you to now?  What are you falling in love with?

Love and light, June

2 Responses to “Six-Month Sabbatical to Honor the Great Song”

  1. Cedar

    What a inspiration you are! I wish you a rich journey these six months.

  2. Susie McDonald

    I am not part of your groups or anything but I really appreciate your demonstration of stepping back, taking an assessment of your life and having the courage to move in a different direction.
    It is refreshing.
    Thanks for sharing. Susie

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