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June BlueSpruce, M.P.H.

Shamanic Practitioner and Life Coach


  • Energy healing

    Sensing, clearing, rebalancing and strengthening the natural flow of energy through the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. The healer can do this by light touch on the client or holding the healer’s hands just above the body with focused attention.
  • Medicine Walk

    An ancient practice revitalized by Grandmother Two Wolves Dreaming. Medicine Walks can last from a few hours to several days. During a Medicine Walk, participants spend time alone and silent in nature. They make offerings and pray for guidance, clarity, wisdom, and/or healing. In a state of heightened awareness of natural and spiritual presences, participants experience moments of connection or epiphany. They accept whatever gifts come their way with gratitude. After a formal breaking of silence, participants spend time sharing stories, integrating what happened, and making commitments to honor the gifts in their daily lives 1.

    1 Adapted from the teachings of Grandmother Two Wolves Dreaming

  • Shamanic journeying

    The practice of going into a trance state using rhythmic sound and/or movement. The purpose of journeying is to communicate with the spirits and ancestors. During a journey, we travel in a non-physical way to other realms to do so.
  • Shamanism

    The word “shaman” comes from the Tsungus (toonkooz) people of Siberia and means “one who knows” or “one who is moved.” Shamanic traditions are the most ancient ones that we know about. They differ from culture to culture; many cultures don’t use that word but have a similar framework and practices. In these traditions, everything is alive and has consciousness, soul, or spirit, including things like stones, fire and water. This belief is called animism. Each of us has specific spirit allies available to us to help us live our lives in the best possible way. We can communicate directly with ancestors and spirits through dreaming, intuitive listening, and shamanic journeying.
  • Spirit allies

    Also called totem, power or spirit animals or spirit guides, these are beings, usually in the form of animals or plants, who appear through dreams, shamanic journeys, and/or visions. Specific spirit allies come to specific people to offer guidance, healing, training, power and love. They may also be part of the person’s life in physical form. The person can learn to embody the powers and gifts associated with that spirit. The relationship is a reciprocal one; the person also makes meaningful offerings to the spirit ally. More information about spirit allies.
  • Systemic Family Constellations

    a healing method that can make visible the truth about personal, family and ancestral events and relationships that feel unresolved and bring movement toward healing. It was originated by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, based on his experiences in Germany before, during and after World War II and as a priest in Africa among the Zulu people. To set up a constellation, you choose representatives for people in your family or ancestry or from situations in your life. In a group, the representatives are people; in an individual consultation, they may be objects. As the representatives move about the room and speak, guided by the facilitator, the truth of the situation becomes more visible. A new pattern of relationship emerges that supports all those in family or situation to be who they are and to belong. The person who set up the constellation can release the ways they have been carrying others’ pain and suffering. Individual Constellations work can also be done through guided meditation. More about Systemic Family Constellations.