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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


  • The night after June did a house clearing for us, I had a dream. In my dream, a bright star rose from the East of our property and arced through the sky until it hung over our home. Then the star expanded in an opalescent globe that completely enclosed our home and land in a shimmer of mother-of-pearl light. I felt incredible peace and joy in the dream—feelings that stayed with me when I woke up. June works with such respect, integrity and soul connection to all beings. Her work anchored our home in light and love, and I am so grateful!
  • June's dream circle helped me know at a deeper level that we need not take the universe at face value; there is a deeper knowing that can come to us in dreams and it's well worth exploring. June is a skilled and gentle mentor and facilitator. She helps each person in the circle find their own truth on their own terms.
  • I've had appointments with June BlueSpruce for soul retrieval, healing and dreamwork. There were issues in my life that were not getting resolved despite actively working with them. After one session with June I found the immediate issue gone! I felt more integrated, in touch with my emotions and centered in my body… I highly recommend her to anyone committed to self-healing and personal growth.
  • Four years ago my son attended June's Shamanic Journeying Workshop. He came home with intriguing techniques for establishing connections with spiritual allies and… told of wondrous and meaningful journeys with his spirit ally… allowing him to access wisdom that was helping him navigate his way through the day to day challenges of his young adult life. I decided to follow his lead… Through journeying I now have a way to connect with my nature based allies and access a deep and ancient wisdom.
  • June has a way of coaching, of assisting [people] to access other realms that is safe and secure. She has great heart and insight, allowing me to be me without regret or shame. She has a way of honoring who I am in the moment. I feel that I've been able to make changes with her help and not so sure I could have done so without her.
  • After [I was] laid off from a difficult situation, June provided me with infusions of strength and support so I could 'clear the decks' and think clearly, about not just what my strengths are, but which ones I want to use in a work environment… With absolute honesty, June simply guided me towards what she knew would create good opportunities for me. It worked!
  • June is passionate about dreams and deeply attuned to the messages they send us from our higher selves. She holds the space for a circle of dreamers with compassion, presence and great sensitivity.