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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


Dream Consultation

Funny or dramatic, terrifying or ecstatic, dreams have intentions for us. Each dream is created by a spirit that loves us and wants to help us – if we would only pay attention.

Through dream consultation, you will:
  • Remember more of your dreams
  • Learn an intuitive, effective way of receiving and working with them
  • Become more aware of your gifts and strengths
  • Access your inner wisdom
  • Experience the presence, help, healing, power and love of ancestors and spirit allies
If you want to learn more about dreaming and share your dreams with others, you can join my dream circles and workshops. Dreams are real experiences that offer information, guidance, and deep connection. They show us how to live.
  • Dreams help us navigate our day to day lives – answering questions as simple as “What should I wear?” and as complex as “How can I resolve the conflict I’m having with my loved one?”
  • They reveal our personal gifts and the life path that is calling us.
  • Many of us receive dreams to help us meet our broader challenges as a community, society and world.
  • Rarely, and beautifully, dreams reveal the mysteries of the universe.1

1 Adapted from the teachings of Valerie Wolf