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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval

The most powerful healer in your life is you.

With my support, you can unlock the natural healing power of your body, mind and soul, find your place of belonging in your family and ancestry, and feel the loving and guiding presence of spirit allies. An energy healing session may involve sound, song and silence. It may relieve symptoms and help you feel deeply relaxed, energized, and connected to the power of nature and the soul. We begin with your story. As we listen to and make sense of it, the healing flows. Through dreams, otherworld journeys, and rhythmic sound, we invite in ancestors and spirit allies to guide and help us. Messages come through images, words, feelings. Healing may also include clearing, soul retrieval and ancestral work. Clearing involves removing energies from your energy field that don’t belong there. These can come from experiences with or attachments to other people or events in the present and past.When we experience shock, trauma or deep losses in our lives, a part of our soul may separate from us and get lost. If the soul part is unable to return spontaneously, over time we feel the impact of the loss. Symptoms of soul loss may include:
  • Depression or dissociation
  • Physical symptoms that don’t respond to other treatments
  • Feeling “stuck” in an old pattern or story
  • Feeling as if some important part of us is missing
I can bring back lost soul parts through soul retrieval. This involves going on an otherworld journey on your behalf. Spirit allies guide me to the lost soul part, provide healing, and assist me in returning it to your body. You may experience a deep sense of wholeness after this work.