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June BlueSpruce, MPH

Intuitive Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach


House/Land Clearings and Blessings

The process of clearing and blessing the places where you live or work can restore well-being and balance. I recommend this if you are:

  • A new homeowner
  • Trying to sell your home
  • Experiencing negative energy or something that “just doesn’t feel right” in your home or workplace
  • Aware of a history of illness, tragedy or violence where you live or work
Buildings and land have energy fields and spirits. Often events happen in, on or around buildings or land that are disturbing, violent, traumatic or disrespectful to the spirits. These energies can remain, negatively affecting those who move or work there later.

When someone dies, sometimes their spirit does not fully cross from the world of the living into the spirit world. This can happen because of unresolved trauma, attachments in the person’s life, or a violent or sudden death. We call a spirit that is stuck between life and the spirit world a “ghost.” Ghosts can become trapped in or attached to buildings and land, creating a disturbed and unhealthy energy field. With the help of spirit allies, I can compassionately cross ghosts and clear their energy from buildings and land.